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About Azal Shipping

Established in 1998, Azal Shipping & Cargo LLC provides shipping, cargo transportation and freight forwarding services to individual clients, corporate and government entities. The company is engaged in all transportation modes such as air, land, sea and rail, and can handle cargo in various forms and quantities such as RoRo cargo, general cargo, out-of-gauge cargo, containers, break bulk and LCL cargo. Based in Dubai, the company can operate in all UAE ports. Over the years, it has established strong relations through its deals with the largest carrier companies and vessel operators worldwide. As a result, the company is capable of handling shipments emanating from the Middle East to destinations as far as the U.S.A, Europe, Africa and Far East.

In 2005, Azal Shipping & Cargo established Azal Shipping Services in the port city of Guangzhou in China. The subsidiary supports the shipping and forwarding of cargo from various ports in China, as well as other Far East countries such Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia, to destinations in the Middle East, CIS countries and African countries.

The company’s activities are the following:


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